Fresh flowers for fabulous feng shui

Feng shui is excellent for achieving a more balanced lifestyle. There are a number of aspects to feng shui and colours play an essential role. When displaying fresh flowers in your home, keep the colour meanings and best combination options in mind.


Colours that represent fire include red and purple. These fresh flowers will represent understanding, courtesy and fame. Elements in this colour should face south.


Orange and yellow are earth colours and they represent reliability and they are calming too. Fresh flowers in these colours should be arranged so that they are facing southwest or northeast.


This element is represented by white and silver. These colours symbolise reversal or withdrawal. Your flowers might not come in silver but you can also add accents and accessories to your bouquet and make sure that they face west or northwest.


Blue and black represent water and these colours are associated with social interaction, communication and wisdom. You don’t necessarily need black blooms, but you can add items like feathers to your bouquet of fresh flowers. Keep this bouquet facing north.


Wood is represented by brown and green. It symbolises the beginning of new life and these arrangements should be facing east southeast.

Colour combinations

When choosing fresh flowers for feng shui, you don’t need to select just one colour. You can choose a couple of colours to create the perfect design. Red and yellow are great for combining intense and calming energies. These colours are perfect for your living room, kitchen or den. Green and blue create a lovely calming combination of wood and water. They can liven up a space without taking it over the top. Think of adding these colours to bedrooms, bathroom or your baby’s room. As for blue and purple, these earth and water tones also aid in relaxation. Display them in your workspace or den to create a productive environment without overdoing it in the energy department.

Keep all of these fabulous feng shui tips in mind when you order fresh flowers for your home. You can be sure that you will enjoy their beauty while improving the flow of energy through your home. Don’t forget to address all other elements of feng shui in your home too. This way you will maximize the effect.