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The lily is one of the most popular of all cut flowers. There are several varieties from which to choose. Each colour is associated with a different meaning or message. Before you send a bouquet of lilies, keep these meanings in mind.


Orange lilies are associated with confidence, pride, assertiveness and wealth. The Tiger Lily is an excellent example of this colour variety. If you want to encourage these qualities in yourself or a loved one, send a bouquet of Tiger Lilies to their door.


Pink Stargazer lilies are loved for their beauty and scent. This pink lily sends a message of prosperity, wealth and abundance. They are great for housewarming gifts, anniversaries, birthdays and more!


The colour purple is associated with royalty and prestige. As a result, when you send a purple lily bouquet, you convey a message of admiration, success, dignity and accomplishment. They make an excellent gift for somebody you respect.


A red lily bouquet sends much the same message as any red flower arrangement. The colour red is associated with passion, love and desire. They are great for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasion.


Many varieties of lily are available in white. These lilies are associated with purity and innocence. Consequently, they are popular for occasions like weddings and they also make meaningful sympathy flowers when somebody you know has lost a loved one.


The colour yellow is associated with gratitude, happiness and friendship. You can send a yellow lily bouquet or even a mixed yellow bouquet that includes lilies to your friend, co-worker or anyone you wish to thank for their support or help.

Now that you know what each colour lily means, you can shop for that next bouquet with ease! Remember, when you send flowers to a friend or loved one, you can be sure that your message will be expressed if you take the time to complete the message card included in the flower delivery.

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