Long-lasting flowers to spruce up your home

The right blooms can really make all the difference when it comes to the way you feel in your home. Flowers are known for boosting the mood and making you feel happier. When choosing a bouquet, long-lasting flowers will always offer more value for money. Here are some of the longest lasting blooms to consider when decorating your home.


The lily is one of the most spectacular of all cut flowers. These long-lasting flowers are known to maintain their beauty for up to 10 days. Oriental lilies are especially popular and this is largely due to their amazing perfume. Another advantage is that you do not need too many stems to achieve the desired effect. If you are concerned about their pollen, this can also be solved. All you need to do is remove the stamens from the flowers and, in this way, you can even extend the life of the flower!


The sunflower is an unmistakable beauty. As cut flowers they last from 7 to 10 days. While most of these long-lasting flowers are known for their tall stems and large flower heads, there are smaller varieties available too. If you have them growing in your garden, you should cut these flowers while they are still only partially open. Once fully opened, they will perish sooner and you will not get to enjoy them for quite as long as you should.


These are popular blooms for all occasions and they have a vase life of up to a week. Available in various colours, you can choose a single variety or mix the colours to create a bright and vibrant bouquet. These long-lasting flowers are great for all areas of your home. You can display larger bouquets in areas like your living room or kitchen while bud arrangements are perfect for smaller areas like bathrooms. Make sure you keep topping up and changing the vase water, however, because these flowers are thirsty!


With a vase life of 7 to 10 days, gladioli are sure to brighten your home for an extended period of time. Not only are they loved because they are long-lasting flowers, but also because they have impressive tall stems with multiple blooms. Available in several colours, they can be displayed all on their own in a vase or you can use them to give a mixed bouquet some extra height.

These are just a few of the top options when it comes to long-lasting flowers for your home. It is also worth mentioning that potted plants are another excellent choice if you want to add a touch of nature that will last for months or years (depending on the type of plant). Different plants require varying amounts of care so it is important for you to make sure that you can cater to these needs before you place any orders.