The best summer flowers for your home

The colourful nature of our surroundings in the summer is enough to inspire anyone to make some bright changes to their home. Now, before you go all out and redecorate from ceiling to floor, think about the benefits a smaller change can have. For example, why not decorate with some fresh flowers and enhance your living environment rather than going to the trouble and expense of a full makeover?

Roses are probably the number one choice during summer. These beautiful and hardy blooms show their beauty during the hottest months of the year and their scent is simply divine. There is no mistaking the sight or smell of a rose and they are available in various colours. Choose a colour that complements or contrasts the décor in the room. Alternatively, pick a bouquet with several colours so that you have an explosion of colours.

When you think of daisies, you most likely imagine medium-sized white flowers with bright yellow discs in the centre. This is not the only type of daisy that you can enjoy during the summer season. There are larger, brighter varieties available that can be added to bouquets or displayed all on their own. Available in pink, orange, red, and more, gerbera daisies are flowers that will surely steal the show.

Dahlias are another top choice for these months. Native to Mexico, they are very much used to the warmer weather. With amazing texture and bright colours, dahlias are beautiful all on their own or you can add them to a mixed flower bouquet if you prefer.

Lilies are absolutely gorgeous and there are so many different varieties available. The way in which each type differs from the next is what makes them so fascinating. For example, an oriental lily looks so different from a calla lily yet both are equally sought after. Lilies are often known for their powerful scent so make sure that you display yours in a larger room of your home.