Fun swirling flower arrangement

A swirling flower arrangement is one that resembles a windswept landscape. The key is to use a round bowl (almost like a fish bowl) and arrange the contents in a way that gives it a direction of flow. These kinds of arrangements require minimal flowers and fillers which means that they are really cheap but look like a million bucks!

You will need:

  • One round bowl
  • Long strands of thick colourful wire
  • Vase jewellery (strings of beads)
  • Colourful metallic wire
  • Coloured stones
  • String of orchids
  • 2 gerber daisies
  • 4 roses or tulips
  • Lily grass


  • Start by selecting all of your flowers and materials. You can choose to have them all the same colour or you can choose two contrasting colours if you prefer.
  • Place some of the long, thick wire in the bowl and simply let it fall into place. Allow it to unravel in all directions to emphasize that round appearance.
  • Now add some vase jewellery and spread it out a little at the bottom of the vase.
  • Add some metallic wire. This wire is finer than the first type of wire that you added and it creates a lovely textural contrast.
  • Place your colourful stones in the vase so that they cover some, but not all, of the wire and vase décor. You want the stones to help hold the wires in place but not conceal them.
  • Add your string orchid and let it trail against the front of the vase and around the one side at an upward angle.
  • Add some water to your vase to the point of covering the stones.
  • Now place your one gerber daisy in the same direction as the orchid string and gently bend the stem along the curve of the vase.
  • Do the same with the second gerber daisy but cut its stem shorter an allow the flower to rest closer to the front face of the arrangement.
  • Now add your roses or tulips or a combination of both. Cut one or two stems really short and simply pop them in the front of the arrangement while the other two follow the same direction as the gerbera daisies.
  • Finish off with your lily grass. Place one end in the water on the right side and bend it over so that the other tip is in the water on the left side. Do this with just a few pieces to add a touch of greenery and finish off that dome design effect.