A centrepiece inspired by your garden

In the spring and summer, your garden can be the inspiration for much of your interior d├ęcor. Just take a look around you and you will see how nature comes back to life after the long winter and your surroundings become abundant in colour once again. It’s during these months that you can take your lead from nature and create some of the most beautiful flower arrangements. Here are some simple steps to follow.

Gather your materials

Start by gathering all of your plant materials and supplies. This includes flowers, foliage, tape, a vase, and a sharp cutting tool. You will need at least one type of foliage, like eucalyptus. You will also need a selection of flowers including one large rose-like bloom for the centre. You can also add other blooms like lisianthus and scabiosa or similar smaller flowers.

Flower preparation

Prepare your flowers by making sure that they are kept in water at all times. Take one stem at a time and remove any foliage that will end up in the vase. You should also trim the stems at an angle so that they absorb water more effectively.

Prepare your vase

Fill your vase with some water and add flower food. Make sure that the flower food is properly dissolved in the water before you continue. Create a grid over the top of the vase using clear tape. The holes in between are where you will place your stems.


Begin by arranging some foliage first. Line the outer edge of the tape grid with foliage. You might want to keep these stems slightly shorter than those place towards the centre. This is so that the foliage does not overcrowd the vase and conceal the flowers.


Now you can add the larger flowers to the middle of the vase. When adding focal flowers, you should make sure that you add an uneven number of blooms. For example, you can add one, three or five focal flowers depending on their size and the size of your arrangement. Choose a striking colour that will contrast or compliment the rest of the blooms. Once these blooms are in place, you can add smaller filler flowers to fill the rest of the spaces in between.

Final couches

Take a look at your arrangement and look for any gaps or areas that need to be filled. You can slide small bits of foliage in between the blooms as well if you like. You can also add accessories like a flower pick to really set this bouquet apart.

Enjoy your garden-inspired bouquet and make sure that you change the water regularly and remove flowers or foliage as soon as they start to wilt.