Fresh flowers for a post-holiday boost

The holidays are a busy time of year and you most likely have all your decorations on display for your loved ones to see. Once you take everything down and pack it all away, your home might feel a bit more empty than usual. Which is why you should consider ordering some fresh flowers to help you transition from the festive season once again.

Ups and downs

Many people enjoy that festive cheer and all the energy it gives them. Their homes are beautifully decorated, the city is also decorated and all lit up. Not to mention all the good food and amazing gifts. Once the festivities are all said and done, however, it’s easy to fall into a bit of a slump. It is like a good vacation. When you get home and back to work, it almost feels like you never left. Fresh flowers can help you maintain that positive attitude well after the holidays are over. They are known for improving the atmosphere of any room and providing a positive emotional boost.

Cheerful colours

When you shop for fresh flowers to boost your mood, you should consider the effect different colours have on our emotional state. While cool colours (green, blue, etc) are soothing and calming, warm colours (red, orange, yellow, etc) are energizing and they can help you feel more positive. You don’t need to choose a single colour for your bouquet. You can mix them up if you like.

Great examples

If you are not sure where to start your search, you should shop for a sunflower bouquet. These blooms are big, bold and bright! You don’t need to pair them with any other flowers since they will look fabulous all on their own. Of course, there are also other fantastic options like gerbera daisies, roses, tulips and carnations. You could opt for a single type of flower in one colour, mixed flowers in the same colour or even a mixed bouquet containing different flowers in various colours.

If you have a particular favourite when it comes to fresh flowers, you should check with your florist if they are available. For example, if the sight and smell of Stargazer Lilies makes you smile, then by all means place your order for a bouquet that includes these gorgeous blooms. The sense of smell is the most powerful of all and it is known to trigger memories as well as emotional responses. If you have positive memories associated with these flowers, you can be sure that their perfume will have a positive effect on you.