Congratulations flowers

Throughout our lives, we enjoy celebrating various happy occasions.  Success comes in many shapes and forms.  We celebrate our own success as well as that of our loved ones and, one way of doing so is by sending flowers.  A fresh flower delivery with a message of congratulations is a wonderful way of demonstrating your support for that person and what they have managed to achieve.  The only question you might have is which type of flower or flowers will suit this kind of message best.


In many cases, success is based on monetary value.  If one of your friends or relatives experiences a type of financial success like a raise, promotion or they won the jackpot, you can send them a bouquet of tiger lilies.  These flowers represent wealth as well as pride.  They can be sent to anyone you know without worrying about sending a mixed message.  If you would like to wish somebody good luck, you can send them some poppies.


Victory in battle is represented by nasturtium which is why these flowers are best sent to a recipient who has achieved a goal that is not easily attainable.  No two people are alike so you can use your discretion on this one. For one person, a particular task can seem challenging whereas, for somebody else, it’s a breeze.


If dedication and effort was needed in order to achieve a goal, you could include forsynthia in your bouquet.  These flowers are known for their association with anticipation which means that they represent the eager wait for success.  If you know somebody who has graduated from university or even night school by getting through their final exams, then these flowers are perfect!


For those who are more modest when accepting praise for their accomplishments, flowers like daisies, peach roses, blue bells and violets can be sent.  You can mix some of these options together to create the perfect congratulations bouquet.  Each of these blooms represent some type of humility or modesty which is why they are perfect for somebody involved in non-profit or charity work.


In some cases, we cannot help but feel a bit jealous when a friend reaches their goals before us.  This is often the case when you share the same goal as that person and you have not yet manage to achieve yours.  Yellow roses, marigolds and yellow hyacinth send a message of congratulations along with just a bit of friendly envy.


Flowers each have their own meaning based on the type of flowers as well as their colour.  That said, the meaning of a flower arrangement can change if you combine more than one flower.  Red roses, for instance, represent a deep and passionate form of love whereas yellow roses represent friendship.  When these two flowers are placed together in a bouquet, they send a message of congratulations.  The same can be said for red and yellow tulips. This is why they are such popular flowers for congratulations, regardless of the occasion!  Roses are usually quite readily available throughout the year which is another reason for the popularity of this particular bouquet.