Choosing flowers to plant in your garden

When choosing flowers for your garden, there are a number of factors to consider. You will need to decide whether you want annuals or perennials. You will also need to select the right spot based on lighting or shade according to the needs of the plant. It’s also important to take note of the colours and scents that each flower has to offer. If you want a particularly fragrant garden, here are some of the best flowers to plant.


Not only are carnations available in a wide variety of colours, but they also have a strong spicy scent. When choosing flowers for your garden, you can’t go wrong with carnations. Remember, make sure that you avoid hybrid varieties since these usually have only a slight scent or nearly no scent at all.


Choosing flowers that can be used in the kitchen too means that you will enjoy them that much more! Not only will they spruce up your garden and fill it with a soothing scent, but you can pick chamomile flowers to make your very own relaxing tea.


Bright, beautiful and sweet-scented freesias are one of the most popular choices in wedding flowers. Since it is tropical, it is usually grown as a houseplant rather than in gardens. This is because they simply will not last through the winter.


There is nothing like the smell of a fresh gardenia! When choosing flowers like this, remember that they are on the more delicate side of the scale. This means that you need to take extra care not to bruise the petals when picking them.


All you need is a single jasmine plant and your garden will be filled with its perfume. Not only will you enjoy this scent, but you can be sure that your garden will attract plenty of insects and birds too.


Like chamomile, lavender offers many uses. This is what makes it a popular option for those choosing flowers for their garden. You can enjoy their musky scent in your garden and harvest the flowers for your home too. Make yourself some fresh lavender tea or place the flowers in your cupboards to keep moths and other bugs away.


There are many different types of lilies from which you can choose. Each type has its own distinct scent. Before making your choice, make sure that your lily plant will thrive in your garden. Alternatively, you can opt for a potted variety and simply move the planter indoors when it gets too cold.


Roses are known for their sweet perfume which is why this scent is often used in various bath and body products. Of course, it’s worth noting that not all roses have a strong scent. Some don’t have any scent at all. Make sure that, when choosing flowers, you select those with the strongest natural scent. A little research now will pay off for years to come.

Now that you know which options are the best for your garden, choosing flowers to plant should be easier than ever! Take note of how much space is needed for each plant to thrive and make sure that you take care of their soil and water needs too.