Flower Summer Care 2012

It’s well into the British summer time now, and the spring and summer flowers are in full bloom right now, you may have even planted some of your own flowers to add to your garden. Sometimes though, planting your flowers in the hopes they will cope with the summer weather is not enough to ensure they grow properly and safely, and failure to look after your plants properly could result in their death or improper growth, so please read on to follow our guide on summer flower maintenance and care!


Although anywhere in the garden may have suitable soil to plant your flowers, the location is very important, following these flower location guidelines will help ensure your flower grows well :

  • ·Ensure your flowers are planted well away from any weeds , at least 1 meter;  weed plants are called such because they are invasive, intrusive plants, and while all plants compete with each other for nutrients, weeds are much worse for this as their roots actually constrict the roots of other plants, preventing your precious flowers from getting enough nutrients from the ground and weakening it, so while your flowers may not be directly next to a weed plant, it could still be causing them harm. Also keeping an eye open for any weed plants which may start growing near the vicinity of your plants is also important, using a flower friendly weed killer spray such as Preen Weed preventer with brilliant blooms fertilizer is excellent at this, as not only does it kill weeds, but it also adds nutrients that are specifically designed for flowering plants, helping their growth.
  • ·This next point may seem obvious, but it is also worth taking into consideration planting your flowers away from areas where people or pets walk, as there is the risk of them being stepped on and killed. So try to avoid planting your flowers away from paths for example.


As it’s summer time and the temperatures are rising, your flowers will need more frequent watering to make up for the lower average rain fall, and faster evaporating water and dry soil.

there are some precautions to this which will provide you with efficient, effective watering:

  • ·Usually watering this is taken care of my mother nature, but in case of a dry spell  that lasts more than a few days, you will need to remember to water your flowers yourself, to prevent them from straining will the lack of water, and will also keep their energy and growth levels up.
  • ·Though more water is generally a good thing, it is still possible to over water your plants, water your plants no more than once every two days to avoid their roots getting water -logged, as the top layer of soil will dry out quickly in the summer heat, you may think your flowers need watering more, but underground the water will last a lot longer than on the surface, so it’s important to keep the watering frequency consistent at no more than a generous watering every 2 days.
  • ·This is the possibly the most important point to remember when watering your flowers in summer – NEVER water your flowers when they are in sunlight, as the water that is on the surface may steam if the temperature is above around 22 degrees C, which may not sound like much, but can and does cause damage to the leaves of your flowers, as they are essentially being steamed. To avoid this, simply water your plants in the late afternoon or evening when the flowers are no longer exposed to full sun light.


This may not seem like much of an issue, but remember,  adequate sunlight is vital to flowers, so make sure you maintain a good light supply:

  • ·Avoid planting your flowers near or under bushes or trees, as some flowers need direct sunlight to grow properly, like perennial flowers, and bushes and trees will obscure the light that your flowers need, and can stunt their growth.
  • ·Plant your flowers on an elevated surface if possible , away from other plants and flowers that are taller than them, to reduce the risk of sunlight obstruction, and help maintain a healthy growth.

Take advantage of these summer growing tips, and you will have much better luck in creating your own summer flower garden paradise!