Fresh blooms to enjoy during the summer

Summer is most people’s favourite season. No more thick and heavy clothes, longer days and much more fun and activity. Your garden probably looks a lot more attractive now too, and shopping at your local florist or online is a breeze with so many options to choose from. Whether you want to send fresh blooms to someone special or buy some for your own home, you won’t be disappointed during these warm months!



An all-time classic favourite, rose is in season. Sure they’re available at your local florist all year round, but they’re really only in season during the summer months. This means that if you have roses planted in your garden, now is the time to see them bloom. You’ll also likely notice a price variance from your florist because in-season flowers are often cheaper than imported or artificially grown ones. If organic produce is your thing, now is also the time you can get your hands on some fresh blooms like organic roses.



Lilies are also a very popular flower. They can be grouped with other fresh blooms or simply arranged on their own. Calla lilies, for example, also look great as a single stem, while star lily arrangements look best when there are at least five stems in a vase. During the summer both calla lilies and stargazers are in season, as are the glorious white house lilies. So, take your pick!


Baby’s breath

When it comes to summer blooms to act as filler flowers, none are more popular than baby’s breath. Luckily, they’re in season during the summer and fall. When the weather starts to get really cold, that’s when these little beauties stop blooming.


Exotic options

For truly bright fresh blooms for summer, options like amaranth, cockscomb, and birds-of-paradise are in season all summer long. If your garden is going out and sporting some bold colours, this definitely calls for you to do the same for the types of bouquets you use to decorate your home.



Many people like to create a bouquet of fresh blooms that looks more like a field of wildflowers than a curated arrangement. If this is your case, take advantage of the cosmos flower for this. Available in several colours that are eager to mix and match, these flowers grow in the fields and are perfect for achieving this look in your home.


Other famous favourites are also in season, so you really can’t go wrong. These include fresh blooms such as delphiniums, dahlias, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums. Among these four flowers and the rest of the flowers mentioned above, you are sure to find a perfect bouquet for you and your home. Of course, there are many other flowers available depending on your location. Your best bet is to take a look at an online florist or two, as well as your local florist, and get an idea of ​​what summer flowers are available near you.