Prestige Flowers Workshop with Barnardo’s

Prestige Flowers was proud to arrange a special flower arranging workshop in Barnardo’s Listerhills offices located in Bradford. The workshop was organised for the families Barnardo’s works with in this city. Not only was the experience informative, but it was also fun and the participants benefited from learning some fantastic and practical skills.

20 adults, young people, and children participated in the workshop and learned all about various species of flowers, their origins, and flower arranging techniques. Each participant also got to take home the bouquet they arranged.

Prestige Flowers and Barnardo's

The participants learnt about a wide variety of flowers and those that are most commonly used in the florist industry. They learnt about how Prestige farmers produce high-quality roses in Kenya and how these flowers are successfully and carefully transported to the UK – a distance of almost 12000 kilometres. Prestige experts explained the production processes involved when bringing flowers from South America, Holland, and the benefits of choosing local British growers. Seasonal flowers were one of the main topics covered and how the weather dictates the types of flowers that grow. While arranging their bouquets, participants learnt about flower care during arranging and caring for their arrangements afterwards too.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan said: “We are really grateful for the continued support from Prestige Flowers. We hope this partnership will raise lots of money towards our vital services which support hundreds of thousands of children, young people, parents and carers across the UK every year. On behalf of those children and young people we would like to say a massive thank you to the staff at Prestige and their customers.”

Prestige Flowers and Barnardo's

Cath Ormerod from Barnardo’s in Bradford also commented: “We were delighted when Prestige said they’d like to arrange a special flower arranging session with our families. It was a lovely day – people really enjoyed themselves and the results were absolutely beautiful.”

Between floral grouping, trusting your eye, and various floristry rules, this lucky group learned all about what it takes to create a superb display. Apart from arranging the flowers, they also developed skills in presenting them as hand-tied bouquets. The importance of proper hydration was also emphasized as well as the use of floristry hydration pads. Some of the most important skills that were covered during this workshop included colour combinations and how to shape a bouquet.

Prestige Flowers and Barnardo's
What made this workshop such a success was the fact that it was a real hands-on experience. While we can learn a fair amount from reading, it’s the practical art of floristry that helps develop the motor skills necessary for producing a true work of art.
At Prestige Flowers, we have supported Barnardo’s since 2012. It is our honour and privilege to offer a special range of bouquets to help support such a worthy charity that supports over 301,000 parents, young people, children, and carers. For every order placed through the following website,, Prestige Flowers will donate 25% of the order cost to Barnardo’s.

Philip Crowther, Business Development Manager at Prestige Flowers added: “The Flower Workshop was an incredible event and extremely rewarding. We’re really passionate here at Prestige Flowers to work with charities like Barnardos, creating events and opportunities like the Flower Workshop. We’re thrilled to be supporting Barnardo’s and the thousands of children and young people who will benefit from their services.”
Prestige Flowers and Barnardo's