Flowers for a wedding in autumn

Summer and spring tend to be popular seasons for weddings but the weather in autumn can be ideal too.  The mild temperature at this time of year is a real benefit for the bride’s make-up and the fresh wedding flowers.  Since it’s not quite as hot as summer or as cold as it will get in the winter, your fresh cut flowers will maintain their beautiful appeal for longer.  Your florist will be able to make their flower delivery without concerns of hot weather and the bride can concentrate on more important matters!

During autumn, you should choose flowers that suit the season while bringing colour and joy to this wonderful occasion.  Most weddings have some kind of colour scheme but this does not necessarily mean that you must choose just one colour.  You can create a fabulous autumn them by combining several seasonal shades like orange, red and olive green.  If you like, you can take it up a notch by adding touches of cream and gold too.  The bride’s bouquet can include mainly orange flowers with just a hint of plum and cream, for instance.  Finish it of with some olive green foliage and you’re all set!

Professional florists will agree that another important element of any flower arrangement is texture.  While you may be inclined to select just one flower for a small handheld bouquet, table arrangements should include a variety of flowers.  Different types of flowers give your arrangements a variety of textures as well as plenty of colour variation.  Remember, you don’t need to restrict yourself by using only flowers and foliage.  You can also include pine cones, berries, wheat, dried sticks and similar items to emphasize the autumn theme while sticking to the appropriate colour scheme.

While there might not be as many flowers in bloom during the autumn months, you certainly do have your fair share to choose from.  Dahlias are available in a wide range of colours including dark red.  In addition to their perfect colours, dahlias have a lush appearance which will definitely get the attention of your guests.  Chrysanthemums are usually available throughout the year and they are one of the cheaper flowers you will find at your florist.  You most likely won’t use them as the focal flowers but they do make great mass flowers to brighten and fill up any arrangement.  For smaller bouquets, you will need smaller flowers.  Daisy-like flowers such as asters which are colourful and compact beauties.

Finally, to complete your arrangements, you will need to select the perfect containers.  While some prefer floral foam to vases.  The floral foam can easily be hidden by carefully placing olive green foliage around the base of the arrangement.  Different kinds of ferns are also popular for adding the perfect shade of green and concealing the floral foam.  If you prefer a vase arrangement, you can use a clear glass vase or get creative with stick vases for that natural and authentic autumn design.  A stick vase will consist of a glass jar perfectly covered by dried sticks.