Choosing the best autumn arrangement accessories

There are a number of important elements when it comes to fresh flower arrangements. While the flowers are obviously an essential part of the display, and the foliage too, accessories also have an important role to play. Florists always seem to have the best of everything, and this includes accessories. Of course, if you know where to look, you too can find the perfect autumn flower arrangement accessories.

When you think about the autumn season, you most likely imagine the changing colours of the leaves and the way they contrast with the various brown and evergreen elements in nature. This is why the top colour choices include orange, red, yellow, dark green, off-white, and brown. If you find the perfect accessory but it’s the wrong colour, don’t let this stop you. You can always dye or paint the accessories to suit the colour scheme of your bouquet.

Flower accessories for autumn arrangements can be just about anything. Sticks are great fillers and they can be painted any colour. Dried straw is also a lovely idea and you can use it to tie the stems together or wrap around the vase. Berries are available in various colours like orange, red, and yellow. They are perfect for adding seasonal colour as well as texture. If you are worried about your pets ingesting some potentially toxic berries, you could always opt for artificial berries instead of the fresh ones. The added bonus is that you can use these berries over and over again without worrying about them perishing.

Another great idea is to use wheat and/or pine cones. Pine cones can be used in many ways. The small ones can be secured to strong sticks and added to the arrangements. Alternatively, they can be used as vase fillers. Small pumpkins can also be arranged around the base of the vase or you can use a large pumpkin as a vase.

As for vases, they can have a significant impact. Since autumn flower arrangements tend to be more rustic in appearance, your vase need not be perfect or brand new. For example, you can use an old watering can or ceramic pot. You can even cover a jar with some dried sticks. It’s all about embracing the season.

If you enjoy fresh flowers but you also appreciate other types of arrangements, you will love autumn. Dried flower arrangements are perfect for this time of the year and you can grow your collected of dried blooms throughout the summer. When you are ready, simply arrange them and place them in a suitable container. There is no need for a waterproof container so now you can get very creative.