How to arrange a bouquet of stargazer lilies

Stargazer lilies are the picture of femininity and elegance.  They look amazing all on their own and they also look superb when arranged with the right foliage and other flowers.  As their sweet smell fills the air, this bouquet will make anyone feel special, loved and pampered!  If you want to make your very own stargazer lily flower arrangement, here are some easy steps to follow!


What you need:

– 5 Stargazer lilies

– Foliage

– Tall vase (to accommodate the long stems)

– Flower preserve

– A sharp pair of scissors



  • You ill first need to place all of your flowers and greenery in a bucket of water (room temperature). This will allow you to take your time and prepare your vase before you start arranging each stem with care.  Keeping your flowers upright in water is also a great way of protecting those delicate petals from getting squashed.
  • Start by cleaning your vase thoroughly inside and out. Rinse out properly with water so that no soap is left behind.  Dry the outside off properly and then add a couple of inches of warm water.
  • Dissolve the floral preserve in the vase water.
  • Take one flower stem at a time and clean off the lower lying leaves. Trim the base of each stem at an angle and then place it in the vase.

***NOTE*** check the length of the stem versus the height of the vase before you trim!  You don’t want to cut them too short!

  • ALWAYS use a sharp pair of scissors to trim your stems and greenery. Blunt objects crush the stems and this restricts water absorption.  In turn, this will mean that your flowers will wilt and perish prematurely.
  • Once your flowers are all in place, it’s time to add your foliage. Lemon leaf and lily grass are great options for a stargazer bouquet.  Include two different types of foliage for extra texture and colour variety.
  • There should be no leaves squashed up against the inner side of the vase. You only want to see clean stems in the vase and the arrangement must look like it  is sprouting out the top.
  • Your foliage will also need to be trimmed and don’t overdo it! You don’t want to add more foliage than flowers!
  • Make sure that one of your lilies is in the middle of the bouquet and the others are evenly spaced around it. This creates an even effect.

If you or the intended recipient suffers from pollen allergies, you can gently remove the pollen from each of the flowers.  The pollen can also make quite a mess so this saves on cleaning too!