Make your own suspended flower display

It’s rather common for many people to have a somewhat 2-Dimensional idea of flower arranging. The older styles have led so many to believe that you can arrange flowers in a vase or in some floral foam and set them on a table. However, that’s not where the creativity ends. There are so many wonderful ways in which flowers can be arranged so that they stand out and come across as uniquely beautiful.


Suspended flower arrangements come in many shapes and forms. Some are floral balls that can be suspended from the ceiling while others consist of flowers carefully placed in suspended containers. The first is really easy to make with a strong ribbon (for suspending the ball), a round piece of floral foam, and enough fresh flowers to cover the entire surface of the foam.


The second option, however, might seem a bit more on the tricky side. The first thing you will need to decide is the kind of container you want to use. It can be anything from a plastic or glass jar to old metal cans. If you use jars, you will need to secure a strong enough rope around them before filling them up and suspending them. If you use metal cans, you can attach a metal chain. No matter which option you choose, you need to ensure that the labels have been cleaned off and that the inside of the container is properly cleaned.


It’s also important to remember that these kinds of suspended bouquets look best when they are arranged in clusters. The clusters should in no way be uniform. In other words, you want the rope or chains to be different lengths so that some are higher up than others. Once you have gotten your containers ready, it’s time to add some water and your flowers.


Choose the right kinds of flowers to suit the containers. You should avoid using large flowers since these containers are relatively short and small. You don’t want the size of the flower to equal or exceed that of the container! Baby’s breath, small roses, small carnations, and similar blooms all work wonderfully.


With your flowers in hand and your containers ready, add just enough water to each container so that the stems will remain covered. Hydration is the key to making sure that your flowers will last.


If you aren’t too sure about using fresh flowers or if you want to leave the arrangement up for a longer period of time, you can always consider using artificial flowers. These flowers will not require water so, if you feel like you need to weight down the base of the container, you can use vase fillers like marbles to ensure that the flowers don’t tip over.