Floral accessories for a festive bouquet

During the holiday season, florists are extremely busy. Many people wish to send festive bouquets to friends, loved ones and also as corporate gifts. If you would like to make sure that your bouquet has a strong Christmas theme, you will need to include the right floral accessories. Your florist may include them but, just in case they do not, here are some excellent ideas.

Beautiful bouquet accessories

When it comes to floral accessories for a Christmas bouquet, you should ensure that they are properly secured and supported. Bamboo sticks are great for this very purpose. They are strong enough to support any accessory and they will look look out of place. You can even paint them dark green so that they blend in with the foliage in the bouquet. Some of the most popular decorations to set on flower picks include holly, mistletoe, mini pine cones, bells and tiny Santas.

Festive wreaths

Apart from centrepieces and vase arrangements, wreaths are also fantastic for decorating during the holiday season. Just like flower arrangements, wreaths can also do with some pretty floral accessories. Decorations like berries, pine cones, ribbons, cinnamon sticks and Christmas tree trinkets can be added to your wreath. The easiest way of attaching them is by using floral wire. This wire is available in green so it will blend in nicely with the green base of the wreath itself.

Holiday vases

Floral accessories are not just items that you add to the bouquet. You can decorate your flower vase too. There are so many ways of doing this, depending on your personal preferences. You can wrap your vase in holiday wrapping paper and add a bow if you like. Alternatively, you give an old vase a fresh coat of paint with a festive theme. Hot glue can be used to attach Christmas decorations to the exterior of your vase too.

With these floral accessories in mind, you can be sure that your bouquet will look the part. In addition to placing your bouquet on a table in a prominent place, you can also set some Christmas cookies or sweets in a bowl beside the vase.