Flowers to congratulate somebody special

Whether somebody you know has welcomed a new baby, been promoted at work, or is celebrating another wonderful achievement, fresh flowers are the perfect way to add to their joy and show your support. When saying congratulations with flowers, there are a few important tips to remember.

When you take the time to consider their favourite colour or colours, it will show the recipient just how much time and care you have put into your gift. Bright colours are also a great choice to remember and, best of all, most flowers are available in brilliantly bold shades like red, yellow, pink, orange, and more.

Roses are easily the most recognisable and easy to find flowers around the world. They are cultivated in large quantities and available in just about every colour you can imagine. Even if you cannot find a rose in a particular colour, like blue, you can use an ivy rose and dye it to achieve the desired result! Roses are also great because they are associated with various forms of love and affection. Daffodils and flowers that are part of the daisy family and they send a message of friendship.

Of course, if you are worried about sending the wrong message, you can always avoid romantic confusion by sending a mixed bouquet instead of a bunch that consists of the same flower (like a dozen red roses). If you really want to impress the recipient, you can ask your florist to recommend any exotic flowers that they have in stock. Exotic blooms are extremely special and they aren’t as common as roses and daisies. This means that the bouquet will have an even greater effect on the recipient.

Keep in mind your relationship with the recipient as well as the occasion. For example, if your spouse is celebrating a promotion at work, it’s perfectly acceptable to send flowers like red roses. However, if your friend has just welcomed a baby girl, you might want to send a mixed pink bouquet instead. You can also look for flowers that have a particular theme or accessories that will suit the occasion. For example, you can include one or more heart picks to your flower arrangement for your spouse or partner.

Don’t forget about those special extras! Add a vase, luxury chocolates, a stuffed animal, or another gift to your flower order to give it that WOW factor! If you are ever in doubt when it comes to the kind of flowers to send, check with your florist. Online florists have made life that much easier by sorting all of their products according to categories and occasions.