Birthday flower combos to save time and money

Birthdays are some of the happiest occasions. Apart from celebrating your own birthday, you will also enjoy those of your loved ones and friends. If somebody you know is celebrating their birthday and you are tight on cash, it can be extremely difficult to find something suitable that will suit your budget. Birthday flower combos can solve this problem.


Online florists offer a wide variety of flowers as well as flower combo gifts. These combos can include extras like bright balloons, chocolates, and even a birthday cake! If you like, however, you can choose a bouquet from another category and select your own extras. If you know that the recipient enjoys wine, you can possibly include a bottle of white, red, or bubbly. If your order already includes a balloon, you can add more to your order if you want an even more colourful appearance.


Another way of ensuring that your flower order doesn’t stretch your budget too far is by selecting the right size. Online florists usually offer two or three different size options. The medium bouquet option will include more flowers than a standard size while a large bouquet will include even more flower stems. If you are really strapped for cash, you can stick with the standard option. If you want to add more value for money, you can choose to upsize your order.


Your florist will also ask you if you want to have the flower delivery made to you or directly to the recipient. If the recipient lives really far away, you can send them wishes without the expense of travelling all the way out there. This is an even greater incentive if the recipient lives in another city or abroad. An international flower delivery will save you on postage, time, and trouble. Just be sure to take the time to write a special message to go along with the delivery so that the recipient knows just how much you care.