Flowers and plants to protect your garden

No matter how much effort you go to when tending to your garden, your flowers and plants could be more vulnerable than you think. There are plenty of bugs that can cause significant damage if left unchecked. If you are trying to avoid using chemicals and pesticides, there is something called companion planting.

Harmful insects

Some insects are helpful while others are harmful to your flowers and plants. Fortunately, there are some flowers like marigolds that help keep nematodes (like pinworms) away. These blooms also help attract beneficial insects like lady bugs that feed off various harmful bugs like aphids.

Growing crops

If you wish to grow your own variety of crops in your garden, you can do this too. Again, you will need to protect these crops from insects. The most natural way of doing this is by companion planting. You can keep aphids, whiteflies and various beetles away by planting nasturtium. Other great plants and flowers include sage and lavender.

Attract good bugs

Apart from keeping away bad bugs, you want to add flowers and plants that will attract beneficial insects. Some of the best plants to add to your garden are zinnias, anise and mint. Not to mention the fact that this will help brighten up various areas of your garden.

Just like floristry, gardening requires care and attention to detail. You should map out your garden so that each of the flowers and plants are placed in just the right spot. This will ensure that they get the right amount of sunlight and they enjoy the conditions that will help them thrive.