Flower photography tips

Fresh flowers are not just for displaying in your home or office. They can also add superb style to any room in photograph format. With all the amazing technology and editing programmes available today, it’s become that much easier to snap that perfect shot! Here are some handy flower photography tips to help you take the best pictures of flowers!

When you plan to take your photo, you will need to pay very close attention to the angle you are using. For example, if you take the photo from below, the flowers will appear particularly tall. In the past, photographers would avoid pointing the lens at the sun but, today, this has all changed! Now, if you use just the right angle, you will capture the flower along with the light of the sun and this kind of lighting will create a sensational effect.

Just like any form of photography, flower photography requires just the right lighting. That said, the sun can be remarkably strong during the day and obscure the colours in your photo. So, instead of taking photos on a hot, sunny day, wait for an overcast day instead. Just the right amount of light will filter through the clouds and make your images come out just right!

Blurry photos are always a problem if you have shaky hands. That said, even if your hands are as steady as a rock, you can still get that blur when you take close up shots. So, if you want to make sure that your photos come out crisp and clear, make sure that you use a tripod instead of simply trying your best not to move. It will pay off in the end!

If you want to specialise in close up photos, it’s worthwhile investing in macro lenses to get the best possible shots. That said, zooming in too much will defeat the purpose of photographing a flower. For example, if you focus too closely, the end result will be beautiful but you might not know that it’s a photo of a flower. If you cannot afford those expensive lenses, however, there are some tubes out there that help you achieve a higher level of close up focus.

Remember that it’s not always all about the close up shot. Think about the kind of effect that you want to create and the emotion you want to convey. Some photographers enjoy snapping shots of flowers surrounded by grass and trees whereas others prefer to pluck the flower from its natural surroundings and place it on a plain black or white background. Either way, think about what you want to achieve before you even begin setting up.