The best self-sowing flowers

Annual flowers are loved because they give it all they’ve got in their very first year. This is because they really don’t have a choice. They have to put all of their energy and effort into producing seeds so that they can produce enough seeds. It’s also great because it offers gardeners the chance to enjoy different flowers each year, if they choose. If you enjoy consistency, on the other hand, but you still like the idea of annuals, you may want to consider planting some of self-sowing flowers.

Wild gladioli

Gladioli are popular blooms found in many florists around the world. Their bright colours and long stems with multiple blooms make them a truly spectacular sight to behold. If you are lucky enough to have gladioli growing in your garden, you may already know that these are self-sowing flowers and you don’t need to do much to keep them happy.


These are self-sowing flowers that you’ll have no trouble growing in your garden. Within just a few short years, the number of these plants can grow exponentially. Of all the varieties available, the Purple Sensation Alliums are a big favourite.


Available in various colours, these flowers have a wonderful way of brightening up any space in your garden. The added benefit of planting them is that they are excellent self-sowing flowers and they won’t require much on your part.


While some might not enjoy the scent of these self-sowing flowers, others find it refreshing. Apart from their fantastic ability to self-seed, these flowers also help keep various pests at bay, including greenfly and blackfly. Many people choose to use these flowers in their companion planting plan. When growing foods like tomatoes, it helps to have marigolds nearby. Pests that would otherwise feed on your tomatoes and tomato plants are repelled by marigolds.

So, if you are looking for the best way to keep your garden beautiful yet low-maintenance, consider self-sowing flowers! There are so many options out there and many amazing ways of keeping your garden looking fresh and fabulous.