Celebrate Valentine’s Day with different coloured flowers

When it comes to occasions like Valentine’s Day, it’s not uncommon to instantly imagine a bouquet of red roses. The colour red is associated with a deap and passionate type of love which is why it has such a strong connection with this occasion. While some migh think of red roses as their only option for romantic occasions, there are plenty of other flowers and colours from which to choose.

Since red roses and other red flowers are in such great demand around this time of year, it’s easy to understand why prices immediately increase during these few weeks. The price of red roses can so much as triple and some other red flowers are also notably more expensive than usual. If you are trying to keep costs down without giving up completely on red, you could add another colour to your red bouquet. Consider combinine red and white flowers. This bouquet sends a message of purity and passion which is perfect for those who are trly committed to one another. You can use red and white roses or you can use red roses and white carnations or vice versa if you prefer.

Another great colour combination is red and yellow. Yellow roses represent friendship but when you pair them up with red roses, your bouquet will represent joy and excitement. This bouquet is ideal for those who are in a new relationship and enjoying their first Valentine’s Day together.

For those who wish to steer clear of tradition, you could send a bouquet of purple and yellow flowers. These two colours go together perfectly and there are other colour combinations that have a similar effect. If you are ever in doubt about how a particular colour combination will look, shop for flowers online and you will see how the professionals create the perfect floral displays.

Don’t forget that flowers aren’t only available in different colours but also different shades of these colours. For example, pink roses and pink carnations may not match perfectly in terms of the shade of this colour. There is nothing wrong with this and it actually makes the bouquet even more attactive.

Finally, don’t forget to think about your Valentine’s preferences when shopping for flowers. If you know that they prefer a particular type of flower, then this is the best bouquet you could send. Even if their favourite flower is the sunflower, send a bright yellow bunch of sunflowers to show how much you care!