Growing flowers from seeds

Growing flowers and plants can be a challenge depending on several factors. Some plants are easier to grow than others. Another important factor to consider is whether the plants you wish to grow are easy to cultivate as seedlings or directly from seeds. Here are a few plants that you can easily plant in your garden and grow from seeds.


There are a number of types of marigolds but, when it comes to growing flowers, they are one of the easiest to cultivate. Different varieties are available in different colours and each type offers its own benefits. The easiest of all marigolds to grow is the French variety. They have a long blooming season and they are the most resistant to disease.


Many people enjoy cultivating zinnias because of their superb beauty. In addition, they offer similar beauty to dahlias with far less care required. If you want to plant your seeds early and protect them from the last spring frost, you can start growing them indoors and move them out to your garden once the weather is warm enough.


The seeds of these plants are really small which is why you might find them also sold in a kind of pelletized version. These seeds are covered with a substance that makes them easier to work with. This also makes it more difficult for them to germinate and grow. When growing flowers like impatiens, it’s best to opt for the regular seeds and avoid any pellet versions.


These plants are a lovely addition since they are pretty and edible! If you have a rather unsightly portion of your garden that you want to cover up, growing flowers like nasturtiums is just what you need. Take care, however, while they are easy to grow they do not like to be moved and replanted. Once this plant takes root in your garden, you will find it very easy to maintain with minimal care.


When it comes to growing flowers, sunflowers offer the most fun of all. They are easy to grow and they grow fast too. While you can start them indoors, this is not necessary. Indoor planting will require that the pots are placed in an area that receives plenty of sun.

These are a few of the easiest plants that you can grow from seeds. Growing flowers can be therapeutic and it can also be a wonderful activity to enjoy with younger family members as you make the most of pleasant weather and fresh air.