50th anniversary flowers

When people hear ‘fifty years of marriage’, they cannot help but respond in awe and amazement. It’s no secret that a marriage requires work and effort on both parts so, to keep it together for half a century is quite the accomplishment. This anniversary is known as the gold anniversary and you’ll see why when you read more about the anniversary flowers and gifts that are traditionally presented on this occasion.

50th anniversary flowers

This is an anniversary unlike any other. As such, there are two flowers that are tasked with representing such an important occasion. Yellow roses are one of these blooms and their warm colour represents the beauty of a long marriage. Paired with these sweet-scented blooms are violets. According to legend, when Josephine married Napoleon, she wore violets and, on every wedding anniversary, Napoleon would send her a violet bouquet. Violets are associated with modesty, faithfulness, humility and commitment. As you can see, the combination of yellow roses and violets make the perfect anniversary flowers for this year of marriage.

A traditional gift

The traditional and modern gifts for this anniversary are one and the same – gold. As previously mentioned, this is the gold anniversary after all. So, once you have selected your anniversary flowers, it’s time to choose something special for your spouse. Gold earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or another item of jewellery that she will appreciate are all lovely ideas. For him, gold cufflinks and a matching tie pin or a gold watch will prove to be the perfect gift.

This year’s colour

Again, it should come as no surprise that the colour for this anniversary is gold. So, even if you are not keen on the idea of presenting your spouse with gold jewellery, you can always opt for something that has a bit of gold colour. For example, if you cannot find the perfect rose and violet anniversary flowers, you can always have your florist create a romantic bouquet and add some gold accessories to it. Gold-coloured clothing like slippers or any other practical items will also prove thoughtful and useful on this occasion.

When choosing anniversary flowers and gifts, it’s great to make your spouse feel pampered. It is also worthwhile maintaining a realistic approach. So, if you want to get them an extravagant gift, you should ask yourself if they will really have any use for it or if it will spend most of its time tucked away in a drawer or cupboard.