Flower facts about Narcissus and Daffodils

Many people wonder if daffodils and daffodils are somehow related. In short, yes! The botanical or Latin name is narcissus, while the common name is daffodil. These beautiful flowers are used in many different types of floral arrangements. Here are some amazing flower facts you may not know.


Colour, shape and size

When you order them from your local florist, you’ll notice how bright and beautiful each petal is. This is one of the most well-known flower facts as it is associated with the famous appearance of these blooms. They have a very unique shape. They extend like a trumpet and the end is almost star-shaped. In moderate weather conditions, they are usually one of the first bulbs to bloom in spring. This early flowering season makes them a popular choice for decoration during Chinese New Year. The paper white daffodil is the best choice for this celebration and has one of the sweetest floral scents of all. Daffodils are generally yellow, although their colors can range from white to orange and even lime green. These flowers come in various sizes and their stems can grow up to 2 feet tall! That said, the smallest varieties only grow 2 inches tall, so it really depends on the plant itself.


Growing tips

If you want to grow daffodils, you need to keep the following flower facts in mind. Firstly, you should plant them in autumn so that they bloom after winter. These bulbs should be planted twice as deep as the height the plant reaches. Otherwise the stems will become too heavy and will bend under the weight. Plant them in a sunny area with well-drained soil. Slightly acidic soil is also preferable. Although the soil must be properly drained, it is important to water them regularly. After they have enjoyed the flowering season, you should let the foliage turn yellow. Cutting should be done only at the end of May or June. This will help the plant flower the following year. If you wish, you can remove the bulbs, wash them, let them dry and then store them in a safe place over the winter. In some cases, depending on local weather conditions, you may not need to tear them at all.

With these flower facts in mind, you will make the most of both cut and potted Narcissus and Daffodils. Whether you want to enjoy them in your home, as a potted plant or add them to your garden, they will always brighten up any room.