How To Make A Rose And Freesia Corsage

Roses are an obvious favourite when it comes to corsages.  However, freesia might not be as much of a common choice to many.  For those out there who want to try their hand at making their very own corsage for a special occasion, here is a simple way in which you can do it with just a few flowers and materials.  You will have all your friends asking for the details of your florist!

red roses freesia corsage flowers

You will need:

– Freesia (some flowers and some in bud form 3 of each should do)
– One rose
– Wax flowers
– Thin foliage such as plumosa for example
– Floral wire
– Floral tape (green)
– One corsage band


– As with any corsage, your flowers will need to be wired.  So, starting with the rose, trim the
stem off so that there is only about an inch remaining.  Once you have done this, you can slide
the one end of some floral wire through the base of the flower.  Look for the thick base section.
Avoid piercing too high or low.  Once you have penetrated through to the other side, pull a
length of wire through until it reaches the length of the stem.  Fold the wires down and wrap
floral tape around the entire remaining stem and wires to conceal them.
– Set your rose aside and move along to your freesias.  Use whatever colour you think will work
well with your rose and choice in outfit.  Now, unlike the rose, your wiring technique will be
slightly different.  Instead of approaching the flower from the side, you will bend and cut a
section of the wire to resemble a hairpin.  Gentle take the flower in one hand and the wire in the
other with its two points facing down towards the centre of the flower.  Gently and slowly press
the wire down and allow it to pierce the flower until it exits through the bottom.  Continue to pull
the wire through until it is almost completely through the flower but do take care not to pull to
hard or too much.  You don’t want the wire to come out.  Use floral tape to conceal the wire by
wrapping the stem and wires together.  Leave the wire a few inches long and cover it with floral
tape to make it look like the flowers stem.  Do this with 3 freesia flowers and keep them
– Repeat the wiring process as you did with the freesias but, this time, do so with one in bud
form. Do this with a few freesia bud stems and keep them separate just as you did with the
open freesias.
– Collect one of your wired freesia bud stems, place a stem of wax flowers and some fine foliage
together and wrap their stems together with floral tape.  When you have done this, trim all the
stems to a length of about 1 inch.
– Add an opened freesia, another stem of wax flowers and some more foliage to the bunch and
wrap all the stems together again with floral tape.  Trim the wax flower and foliage stems but
leave the wires on the open freesias long.
– Repeat the process of adding bundles of flowers.  Alternate between bud and open freesia
bundles.  Don’t place them around like a hand held bouquet.  Instead, arrange each bundle
lower down along the wire stems of the freesias.
– Once you have added sufficient flowers, you can finish off by adding your rose to the bottom,
tape the stems together again and finish off by surrounding the bottom of the rose with some
more wax flowers.
–  Finish off by taping all the stems together again to make sure it’s all secure.  Trim your wire
stems to an equal length and then twirl them around a pencil to finish off the ends.
– Attach your flowers to a corsage wrist band.

roses freesia red corsage