New baby boy blooms this summer

Summer is a wonderful season to welcome a new baby. The weather is pleasant so there is no need to bundle him up every time you wish to venture outdoors. If one of your friends or loved ones has welcomed a beautiful boy during this season, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of amazing flowers from which you can choose. Here are some ideas for new baby boy blooms.

The right colour

Before you begin browsing for new baby boy blooms, you need to consider the colour scheme of the bouquet. For the most part, pink is reserved for girls while blue is for boys. Many people believe that there aren’t any blue flowers out there. However, while they aren’t all that common, there are a few options you’ll love.


Yes, bluebells usually bloom during the spring season but, if the bouncing boy arrives during the first half of summer, you’re in luck! Of course, if they have already reached the end of their bloom season, not to worry. There are still several other amazing options for new baby boy blooms out there.


One of the most amazing things about hydrangeas is the fact that the plant does not determine the colour of the flowers. Rather, it is the pH level of the soil that will determine whether they will be pink, purple, white or blue. Some are even green in colour and some plants produce flowers in more than one colour depending on the influences of the soil in which it is planted. Blue hydrangeas make fantastic new baby boy blooms. Not only are they the perfect colour, but they are also delicate looking which is just what you want from a new baby bouquet. They can be arranged all on their own in a pretty vase or you could present mum with a hydrangea plant if you prefer. She can plant it in her garden and watch it grow along with her son.


While nature may not provide us with naturally blue roses, there is always a way around it. All you need to do is choose some pure white roses and snip them while they are still buds. Place them in some fresh water with blue food colouring and watch them transform! Of course, if you don’t have the time for this, your florist should have some dyed roses available for you to have delivered to the new parents.


More commonly referred to as mums, these flowers are known and loved for their superb texture. They usually bloom during the later part of the summer season and are available in several colours. Blue is not a natural colour for these blooms. However, just as you would dye roses, so too can you make your own blue chrysanthemums by soaking them in some water with blue food colouring or you can spray them blue with flower-friendly paint if you want faster results.

New baby boy blooms are not limited to cut flowers. Remember, there are other superb options like potted plants and even silk plants or flowers. Orchids, while not naturally blue, can be dyed as they grow on the plant. This means that you can send a blue orchid potted plant! Remember, the initial blooms will be blue but, after this, it will produce pure white flowers. No matter their colour, however, orchids are always a rewarding plant to grow in any home.