Flower containers and how they impact the design

Sometimes, choosing the right flowers for a special person or special occasion can feel like an almost impossible task. There are so many factors to consider and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the designs out there. Before you begin shopping, it’s important to understand that flower containers as well as the types of flowers you choose will impact the overall design of the bouquet. Not all flowers will suit all types of vases, so it is important to know which combinations work as well as those to avoid. Here are some ways in which the container you choose will affect the design of your flower arrangement.

Arrangement size

Flower containers and vases come in a wide variety of sizes. The larger the vase, the more flowers and foliage you will need to fill it. A large vase will look rather silly with just a handful of stems. Similarly, a small vase will not look right with dozens of stems forced inside. In addition, overcrowding the vase will result in damage to the blooms. Taller vases are ideal for taller flowers while wider vases are great for shorter stems. Your taller vase can be used to decorate corners while shorter designs are perfect as centrepieces. This is because they will not cause any obstructions and your guests will be able to make direct eye contact with one another.

Shape and style

Just as flower containers are available in various sizes, so too can they be found in different shapes and styles. The shape of the container or vase will determine the shape of the arrangement. A fish bowl style vase will render a round arrangement. An oval-shaped vase, on the other hand, is great for creating a bouquet with a lovely tall centre and tapered edges. Some vases are excellent for flower displays that have a tall backdrop of flowers and foliage. Others are suited for well-rounded bouquets that can rest in the middle of a table and be admired from all angles.

Create a theme

Not all flower containers are pretty vases. You can use a number of household items to create vases. For example, you might like to use an old watering can, a metal bucket or even an old teapot. These types of containers are excellent if you want to give your design a specific theme. Again, you will find that they are available in various sizes so you can choose a size that will suit your needs, space and the number of flowers you intend on displaying. If you have too many flowers for a specific vase or container, consider splitting your bouquet and creating two instead.

Adding water

Finally, don’t forget that no matter which of these flower containers you choose, it should hold water. Test your container before creating your bouquet just to be safe. If it leaks, you can either choose a different container or you can place a waterproof holder inside (like a jar or tin) and hide it inside your pretty container. Nobody will ever know that your brass watering can has a hole in the bottom!

Whether you are looking for interesting flower containers to display your own bouquets or you want to create a fun and unique bouquet for somebody special, remember that plain glass vases are always a safe choice whenever you are in doubt. In fact, when you order flowers online, your florist should be able to offer you a suitable vase in which the stems will be arranged for delivery.