Flower placemat design for the holidays

As the holidays and seasons like Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas approach, we are all trying to find new ways to decorate our party table or our love. Whatever it is, flowers make a great centerpiece on any table. For some occasions during the fall months, you can use dried flower arrangements or order fresh flowers from your florist. You can proceed by setting up the settings anywhere. Now, instead of cluttering the table, why not look for things that are useful like pretty place settings? They have a purpose and you can create your own decorative space at any time! Here are some easy steps to follow for a festive flower placemat design.

You will need:

– Festive blooms of your choice

– Sheets of clear 12 x 18 inch contact paper (two sheets are needed for each placemat)

– Scalloped edged scissors – optional but handy (to round the edges of each corner)

– Two pieces of stiff cardboard (to gently press the flowers if you are using fresh blooms)

– Firm ruler to help press the design into place

Steps to follow:

  • Before you can begin, you need to take the time to properly plan your flower placemat design. You can use fresh, dried or silk flowers.
  • If you plan on pressing flowers, make sure that you do this well enough in advance. Silk flowers are a great option if you want a design that you can reuse for several years.
  • Peel off the back of the first sheet of the contact paper and place on a flat surface.
  • Carefully arrange your flowers on to the sticky side of the contact paper to create your design.
  • Once you are happy with the result, peel the back off the second sheet of contact paper and carefully line it up with the first sheet. When you are ready, stick the two together.
  • Use a firm ruler to smooth out any ripples and remove air bubbles. Do this from one end to the other in a single steady movement.
  • Trim the corners and edges of the placemat to the desired shape.
  • Repeat these steps to create as many placemats as you need.

While some parts of the process can be somewhat delicate, the steps are fairly simple. Fresh flowers will not last long, so your flower placemat designs will need to be replaced each year. This is why many people prefer to use dried or artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are especially popular because they retain their shape, shine and last a long time. Whether you choose to use artificial or dried flowers, you should always store your flower storage in a dry place in direct sunlight. They are protected by contact paper but not completely protected from the elements and sunlight, for example, can cause them to fade.