How to make straw flowers

There are so many fabulous flower crafts out there and they are great for all ages. Straw flowers are easy enough for the kids to do and you can use them to decorate your home and various fashion items too.

You will need:

  • Raffia in two colours
  • Flower loom (look at craft shops or thrift stores)
  • Tape
  • Tapestry needle (large enough to thread the raffia)
  • Small craft scissors
  • Fashion accessory or wire to create stems


  • You will need approximately 3.5m of raffia to start with. Run the raffia around one of the outer points, loop it around and then loop it around the outer point on the opposite end of the loom. Loop three times before moving on to the next set of points. Continue until you have worked your way around the entire loom. Take the end through the middle and secure to the other loose end.
  • Do the same with the second colour but loop around the inner points of the loom.
  • Tape all the loose ends of the raffia to the back of the flower.
  • Use the craft needle to stitch the raffia into place. Use a regular running stitch around the centre.
  • Loosen the flower from the loom and fluff out the petals. You can use the scissors to help with this. Simply place the closed scissor inside each petal and gently open it up to widen the opening. You can also fluff them out by hand.
  • Raise the centre petals by running a piece of raffia through them and create a kind of drawstring effect. Tie the string and trim the edges off.
  • Attach to a hairpin, clip, headband, or even a handbag if you like. You can eve attach them to a piece of wire to create a stem.