Funny flower names

We are all familiar with popular flower names such as roses, lilies, carnations and even orchids. However, not all blooms have such ‘usual’ names. There are some very unusual and outright funny names. Here are some of the most unusual names for fresh blooms.

Bastard Toadflax

This is one that you might not want to say too loud! The seeds of these flowers were eaten by Native Americans while other parts of the plant were used to treat problems such as eye irritations, canker sores and colds.


Contrary to the name, this plant does not resemble corn at all. It grows to a height of three feet and only a single gorgeous purple flower blooms on top. It is a popular decorative plant on farms. Since farms tend to be large and sometimes void of colour, it can provide farmers and their families with some colourful joy by adding such plants here and there.

Humped Bladderwort

This is one of those flower names that has you giggling no matter what. It is an aquatic carnivorous plant and it grows just about everywhere in the USA, Canada, Asia and Africa. This plant captures its prey in its bladder where it is digested. This, surprisingly, explains really well how the plant got its name.

Mad Dog Skullcap

This flower is by no means part of the canine family. This species of plant grows near lakes, canals, meadows and marshes. It is believed that this plant may contain sedative properties that can act as a sleep aid. Tests have not yet been concluded and we continue to learn more about this flowering plant.

While blooms with such funny flower names might not find their way into a floral bouquet, they each have a role to play in our ecosystem. Some are more visually appealing than others but, if nothing else, we can always have a good chuckle when repeating their names!