Floating floral décor for your pool party

Summer parties often take place near or around a pool. This means that your pool is one of the most important features and, therefore, it needs to be decorated along with the rest of your garden. Fortunately, flowers are really versatile and they have a way of naturally transforming any pool into an oasis.

If you have a relatively small splash pool, you will want to keep your floral décor small rather than large. Larger decorations can make your pool look even smaller. So, instead of using flowers, use petals instead. The best petals to use are rose petals. Unlike the petals of other flowers, roses are easy to recognise and they will add colour rather than making your pool look dirty.

Larger pools look great with clusters of daisy-like flowers floating on the surface. Use plastic rings (like hula hoops) to keep your flowers in tight clusters rather than allowing them to disperse. You can mix the colours or stick with a single colour if you prefer. Even white flowers look lovely floating on the water surface.

Depending on your budget, you might like to add gardenias or water lilies to the mix. Ask your florist for their recommendations in terms of floating flowers and compare prices as well as size. Show the florist a photo of your pool and explain your other décor and the theme of the party.

Particularly large pools and bodies of water can also be enhanced by using a few floral bouquets. Much like centerpieces or floral pomander balls, these arrangements will include several flowers secured to one another using string or even floral wire.

Flower arrangements in the shape of letters and other designs can also be made to float in your pool. It’s important to let your florist know where you will be placing this kind of flower arrangement so that they can assemble it appropriately.

If you prefer, paper flowers and floral lanterns can also be used instead of fresh flowers. Artificial flowers are also an option and perfect if you have a salt water pool. If you are worried about floating candles and flowers, there’s really no need. Floating candles are displayed in the middle of a body of water which eliminates the risk of fire.