Top winter plants for your home

Winter can be a tough season for plants and flowers. You may have already noticed that your florist does not have quite as many blooms available as they do during the warmer months. That said, there are still plenty of amazing winter plants that you can enjoy in your home.

Mini garden

Cacti and succulents are a favourite in so many homes as well as offices. This is mainly because of the fact that they are so easy to care for. You can also create your very own mini garden by combining several plants in a single planter. Many cacti and succulents produce some of the brightest and most captivating blooms which make them excellent winter plants. They will brighten your home when they are in bloom but their lush green appearance is just as appealing when they are not in bloom.


Many people think of gardenias as outdoor plants and this is true to a certain extend. These plants are not immune to the chill of winter which means that they need to be protected by bringing them inside. When you do, you will enjoy their beauty for the duration of the cold season until you move them back outside in the spring.


Poinsettias are one of the most popular of all winter plants because they are associated with the festive season. These plants will usually look their best from the time winter begins until March or April. Once the weather starts to warm up, they usually perish. If you take extra special care of them, they can survive through the summer to see another winter but most people prefer to discard them and buy new plants the following year.

African Violets

Of all the winter plants out there, African Violets are one of the easiest to grow. While they do not require nearly as much attention as many other plants, they do need a fair bit of sunlight in order to help them thrive.


There are different types of Begonias available as well as several colours. Some are better suited as winter plants while others prefer warmer climates. Make sure that you choose the right Begonias for your environment.

These are just some of the best winter plants that you can use to bring colour and life to your home over the colder months. Plants not only brighten our homes, but they also help purify the air. Even if your plants are not blooming, their green leaves still have a positive effect on our moods.