Spoiling a friend for Mother’s Day

If you have a close friend who is celebrating Mother’s Day, you might want to treat them to something special. For example, if your friend is a single mother or if they are away from their partner or spouse for some reason, they could use all the love and support they can get.

Send flowers

Fresh flowers are always a great gift for Mother’s Day and they are not only for your mother. Your friend is sure to love and appreciate a beautiful bouquet to make them feel special. Since you are not honouring your own mother, you might not be inclined to buy pink carnations. You can, however, send any other pink flower or even a bright yellow, purple, or mixed bunch of flowers instead.

Lend a hand

No matter the age of the baby or child, mothers always need a hand. Even if they tell you that they are managing just fine, a lending hand with the house and child or baby is always welcome. Make sure that you call ahead of time and that your friend plans on spending the day or at least a few hours at home. So, while you watch the little one (or little ones), let your friend relax, take a nap, or a long bath. Alternatively, if you want to help out with some chores, you can give mum the day off an let her put her feet up while you take care of cleaning and anything else she needs.

Take mum out

Mothers often spend a lot of time at home and it can become both frustrating and boring. All the more reason to plan a fun day out. You could have somebody watch the little one or you could take the child along – depending on the activities you have planned. A spa day, a nice meal out, or even something as simple as a movie on the big screen could be just what she needs to relax and recharge.

Host a family celebration

If you enjoy hosting parties, you could invite a few guests over to celebrate together. Whether you plan a breakfast, lunch, or even a dinner, make sure that you include at least a few of mum’s favourite foods.

You can even choose more than one of these options if you like. For example, spoil your friend with Mother’s Day flowers and take her out or spoil her at home.