Carnation flower facts and care tips

Carnations are one of the most sought-after blooms in the world. They are available in a multitude of colours and they are suited for various occasions too. They can be enjoyed as cut flowers as well as potted plants. Here are some interesting flower facts and care advice.

Carnation flower facts:

  • They are native to Eurasia.
  • Carnations are known as the flower of the gods.
  • The first of these blooms was imported to the USA in 1852.
  • They are used in bud flower arrangements as well as larger bouquets and as mass flowers in mixed arrangements.
  • These blooms have narrow leaves with a waxy surface.
  • They are often dyed to create colours like blue, black and dark purple.
  • You can send these blooms if you want to send a message of purity (white), regret (purple) or love (red).
  • Pink and white varieties are the most popular as part of Mother’s Day celebrations in various countries.

Carnation flower care advice:

  • They can last up to three weeks as cut flowers if they are properly cared for.
  • Always use a clean vase to display your blooms.
  • Disinfect your vase using diluted bleach.
  • If your tap water is hard or soft, you should buy distilled water for your cut blooms. It will help extend their vase life.
  • Cut the stems under water to prevent air from entering the stems.
  • Use a floral preservative in your vase water to slow the growth of bacteria and provide your blooms with food.

By following these carnation flower care tips, you will get so much more out of each bouquet. Remember to trim the stems after a few days since bacteria may still accumulate around the base of the stems. As mentioned above, trim the stems underwater so that air does not sneak in. Air in the stems will cause them to perish prematurely.