Why you should make your own Mother’s Day vase

Choosing the best flowers for Mother’s Day is sometimes tricky. While it’s important to find the most beautiful flowers, it’s also important to ensure that they are properly presented. Some options include opting for a vase from your florist or buying a handheld bouquet instead. Flowers can look amazing when wrapped in pretty paper. However, there is another option – you could make your own vase for mum!

The main benefit of making your own Mother’s Day vase is the financial aspect. You will not need to spend money on a new vase when you can recycle and use items you already have to make something really beautiful. The one thing you will need to remember is to make sure that the container you use is waterproof and does not leak. It does not need to look great since you will decorate it yourself anyway.

If you enjoy arts and crafts, you will find vase decorating to be rewarding and relaxing. It provides a productive creative outlet and, once you make one vase, you might be inclined to make even more for friends, family, or even yourself! Even fathers can take this opportunity to get creative and let the kids get involved too. Let the kids paint, paste, and decorate the vase however they like. Mum will love that personal touch and the vase will be something she can cherish for many more years.

A decoupage vase can be made with your favourite photos and other decorative items. Photos can overlap slightly for that perfect final result. Whenever mum looks at her Mother’s Day flowers, she will also look at the photos used on the vase. Again, this vase will be a memorable piece that she can enjoy for years. Once the fresh flowers perish, she can fill the vase with silk flowers and enjoy her vase throughout the year!

Jars, tins, and similar household items all make great vases. All of which can be covered using decorative fabric. This is a really quick and easy option if you don’t have time or if you’re not inclined towards arts and crafts.

So, in short, the main advantages of making your own Mother’s Day vase include saving money, fun making a beautiful work of art, quality time with your family, and giving mum something she can treasure forever.