Essential plant care tips for the summer

Summer can be particularly grueling for plants and flowers. If you want to keep your potted plants healthy during the warmer months of the year, you should keep these plant care tips in mind. It’s also important to remember that some plants have very specific needs. Most plants are in their growing phase during these months so you should keep an even closer eye on them.

Feed them

Plants need food much like we do. They cannot survive on water alone. This is one of the most important tips to remember when it comes to plant care in their growing season. Soluble food can be mixed at half-strength and fed to the plant every other time that you water it.


While it is important to make sure that your plants are hydrated, you should always avoid overwatering. It is better to water more frequently than too much. Another good rule to remember is to check the soil before watering. Not only should you check the surface of the soil, but also about an inch deep. The surface can dry out rather quickly but soil tends to hold on to moisture for several days.


Avoid extreme, direct sunlight during these few months. While most plant care guides will encourage some sunlight, it’s good to note that summer sun is very different from the winter sun. You should also take note of the sunlight needs of each plant in your home.

Air conditioners

If you place your plant too close to an air conditioner or directly in range of the cold draft of air, it can have a very negative effect on the health of the plant. While you can place plants in rooms that are air conditioned, you should be strategic when it comes to their placement as well as the temperature that you set for that room.

Central air

For homes with central air systems, you might need to water more frequently. Air conditioners have a way of removing moisture from the air which can affect the health of your plants.

By following all of these plant care tips, you will enjoy happy and healthy plants throughout the year and, in particular, during the growing season. If you have plants that bloom during the summer, now is when you are in for a real treat!