Tour De France Cyclists Pass By Prestige Flowers

The Tour de France is easily the most well-known bicycle race in the world and has been an annual event since 1903 and was only interrupted during World War I and II.  Although it initially attracted French competitors, it didn’t take long for this race to gain popularity and for racers from all around the globe to join in.

Tour de France 2014

 The team at Prestige Flowers were fortunate enough to find themselves right in the middle of the action.  The first stage of this internationally acclaimed event received a fantastic turn out and supporters really helped create a fantastic vibrant atmosphere.  As each rider passed by in their brightly coloured team jersey, it looked like a stream of fresh flower petals flying through the air.  As they made their way along the first stage in Yorkshire, many Prestige Flowers staff waited for several hours to get a close up view but, no matter who passed them by, all riders were greeted and encouraged with plenty of support from the crowd.

Seeing all the riders in such great form was a particular advantage since it’s still early days for them.  Probably the most challenging aspect of the race is the fact that it takes place over a gruelling period of 21 days and, this year, it will also pass through Spain and Belgium.

All eyes are now on these fine athletes as they compete each day for the coveted yellow jersey and the title of Tour de France champion.  Best of luck to all the competitors – may this year be the most entertaining and challenging yet!