Dried flowers and how you can use them in your home

While fresh blooms have a lovely way of brightening up any room, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy other forms of floral décor as well. Dried flowers, for example, have an extraordinary way of sprucing up various parts of the home. If you are not sure how to go about decorating your home with dried bouquets, here are some fantastic tips.

Dried vase displays

Once you have a bouquet of dried flowers, you can display them much as you would fresh blooms. All you need to do is choose a decorative vase and arrange your dried stems carefully inside it. You will need to take extra care because dried blooms are known for being significantly more fragile. This is because they are no longer flexible and a bump can cause a petal or leaf to fall. Once you are ready, you can display this vase in an area that will not be troubled by wind or direct sunlight.

Stylish wreaths

Not all wreath designs need to consist of fresh or silk blooms. You can use dried flowers too. You can still use some green foliage for the base of the design or you can choose some dried grass-type foliage instead if you prefer. You will need to secure the stems of the flowers to the wreath using floral wire before applying a hook and hanging it wherever you please. Smaller wreaths can be used as centrepieces too.

Decorate your gifts

Add a natural touch to your wrapped gifts by attaching some pressed or dried flowers to the wrapping. You can use some fairly plan wrapping paper and add some twine around it. Attach your blooms to the twine for that perfect rustic look.

Captured in resin

If you want to get really creative, you can place pressed and dried flowers in resin to make your very own floral coasters or even place mats. Resin is transparent which means that you will be able to enjoy the beauty of these blooms for many years to come.

Decorate letters and cards

If somebody you know is celebrating their birthday or any other occasion, you can make your very own card just for them. Decorated with pressed and dried flowers, you can be certain that it will make quite the impression!

These are just a few amazing uses for dried flowers. Remember, when drying blooms, you are bound to find that some of them come out less than perfect. Do not throw them out. You can still enjoy them by making your very own potpourri.