Cut flowers that are best for vase arrangements

When choosing cut flowers from your garden or local florist, it’s important to understand that they do not all have the same vase life. Some blooms naturally last longer than others and, if you want true value for money, it’s good to know what to look for.


Also known as the Peruvian Lily, these blooms are a top choice in cut flowers because of their beauty, scent and the fact that they can last for up to 14 days! It is important to make sure that you change your vase water regularly and keep these blooms away from any fruit and vegetables since they can cause the flowers to perish prematurely.

Bird of Paradise

These exotic blooms take flower arrangements to a whole new level. They look just like colourful bird and they will warm up any room. These plants require warmer temperatures to flourish which means that they are best suited as houseplants rather than bright additions to your garden. As cut flowers, the blooms may need some extra support. Use floral wire and green floral tape to secure them in place. As cut flowers, the should last up to 14 days.


These are some of the longest-lasting of all cut flowers. They are also some of the most affordable which is an added bonus! Available in various colours and colour combinations, you can expect fresh cut carnations to last as long as 21 days!


These tall blooms are unmistakable and their superb purple and blue shades make them a calming addition to just about any bouquet. They are also available in white and pink but these are not quite as popular. Keep them away from fruit and vegetables and you can enjoy them for up to 14 days in a vase.


These blooms are truly magnificent and will take centre stage in any arrangement! They reach an impressive height of up to 6 feet and they are known for being particularly thirsty. When using these cut flowers in a bouquet, keep a close eye on the water level in your vase. You can expect them to last for up to 10 days.


There are many different types of lilies available. When choosing lilies, make sure that you select those that are only partially open. This way, you will get to enjoy them for so much longer. Healthy, fresh lilies are known to have a vase life of up to 14 days.


Roses are easily the number one flower at any florist. Millions are sold each year and there are thousands of varieties from which to choose. Long-stem roses are the most popular. Especially for occasions like Valentine’s Day. You can expect your fresh cut roses to last for up to 12 days in a vase.

Now that you know more about some of the top cut flowers, you can shop in confidence! No matter the types of blooms you choose, remember to always provide them with clean water and add some flower food to keep them fresher for longer.