Common flower emergencies and solutions

Fresh flowers are essential for many occasions in terms of d├ęcor as well as gifts. They are so versatile that it is easy to find a fabulous bouquet for any lucky recipient. Of course, now and then, we are faced with some floral challenges and even flower emergencies. The key is to stay calm and remember these easy solutions.

Weekend flowers

One of the most common flower emergencies is the need for a flower delivery on the weekend. When you need flowers delivered on a Saturday or Sunday, for whatever reason, it’s good to remember that there are florists that offer delivery 7 days a week. Just take not of their cut off times for orders and make sure that you select the appropriate date for delivery. In some areas, delivery does take a little longer. If you live in a rural area, you should double-check with the florist regarding delivery times.

Last-minute order

A last-minute order is another one of the most common flower emergencies. This is often the case when a birthday, anniversary or another occasion is forgotten. Fortunately, thanks to next day flower delivery services, the recipient will never need to know that you slipped up! In the event of somebody passing away, next day flowers are also a great gesture for the grieving family. Showing immediate support is so important and your flower delivery will certainly be very much appreciated.

Reviving wilted blooms

While flowers are carefully selected, properly hydrated and transported with care, they can still arrive a little worse for wear. This is not the end of the world, however, and they can be revived quite easily. The key is to take action right away. Remove the blooms from their packaging, trim the stems and place them in some fresh water. Place the flowers in a cool place overnight and you will see them transform in a matter of hours.

Broken stems

If, for whatever reason, one of the flower stems in the bouquet has broken or is bent, you can still save this bloom. There are a couple of options, depending on the amount of damage to the stem. Firstly, you can use some floral wire and green floral tape to secure the stem in an upright position. Secondly, you could remove the stem, trim it just above the point of the break or bend and display it on its own as a bud arrangement. Either way, a broken stem need not be wasted.

Now that you have solutions to these common flower emergencies, you will never have to feel the stress of not knowing what to do in such situations. Remember to always choose a reputable florist for all of your flower delivery needs and make sure that they back their products with a freshness guarantee.