Common Questions About Buying Flowers Online

When you order anything online for the first time, it can be a bit scary, exciting or even a bit of both.  For anyone particularly new to the idea of shopping online, you will most likely have a few questions.  This is particularly true if you plan on ordering perishables like fresh flowers online.  When you place your order or use an online florist to send flowers, it is so much easier than you might initially think.

Question: Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Answer: Regardless of the site you choose to order from, you should always look into their payment method to make sure that it is secure.  E-commerce sites, including online florists, will make this very clear by displaying a badge, logo and even a link to their secure payment system.  If they do NOT have a secure payment system, your information could be compromised.

Question:  What are the common problems with ordering flowers online?

Answer: In some instances, the flower delivery could be delayed.  This might be due to the weather or other circumstances out of the florist’s control.  Inn some cases, flowers could get damaged on their way to the recipient.  Another possible problem is that the order could be incorrect and the wrong flowers could be delivered by mistake.  With all of this in mind, online florists set their customer’s minds at ease by means of their satisfaction policy.  If your fresh flowers arrive and the order is either incorrect, damaged or you are otherwise not completely satisfied, you can check their policy regarding compensation.  Different online florists have different policies and this is why it is important to read their terms and conditions.

Question: How quickly will my order be delivered?

Answer: This really depends on the florist you select and when you need them delivered.  Each online florist has a number of locations where they offer flower delivery.  Some offer same day or next day flower delivery.  Some might be able to offer Saturday delivery and some might even be willing to deliver on a Sunday if it is a special occasion like Mother’s Day.  The delivery date will be confirmed as the online system guides you through each step of the purchasing process.  It is also a good idea to place your order in advance.  Particularly if you are ordering flowers for a popular occasion like Valentine’s Day or Christmas.  Be prepared to have the flowers delivered one day in advance (in the case of Christmas) and, if you are sending an international flower delivery, you should also take into account time zone differences.

Question: Can I keep track of my order and flower delivery?

Answer: Once again, different florists have different systems in place and each one offers somewhat different services.  Some might send you a confirmation email upon delivery, others may not.  That said, you could always contact their customer service department to find out where your delivery is.  Some florists even offer live online chat support and/or a tracking system on their websites which can help make tracing your delivery that much easier and faster.

Question: Can I add my own personal message?

Answer: Absolutely!  When you go through the purchasing process, you will have the opportunity to add your very own message just as you would at your local florist.

Question: Can I send flowers anonymously?

Answer:  Again, like sending a personal message, you will also be able to send flowers anonymously.  While the florist will still ask you for your details in order to receive payment for the flower order, you can specify that they should send the flowers anonymously.  This is particularly great for those who want to send their secret crush a bouquet for Valentine’s Day!