August birth flowers

Each month is associated with a particular flower and, in some cases, two! The birth flowers associated with August are gladiolus and the poppy. They are both bright and beautiful which means that they will certainly make a statement. Gladioli are often used in large flower arrangements while poppies are usually planted in the garden. Gladioli can also be planted in your garden if you’d like to add a wonderful splash of colour. So, depending on the recipient, you could choose between these two flowers to help them celebrate their August birthday.

When selecting gladioli for their garden or for a bouquet, you will be pleased to note that there are plenty of different options available. The stems vary in length and the flowers are also available in several colours. If you can find gladioli in the recipient’s favourite colour, then you will really have a special gift on your hands!

As far as meanings are concerned, gladioli are associated with strength, integrity, admiration, and persistence. So, if any of these meanings match qualities you have noticed in the recipient, you should be sure to let them know! There is nothing better than receiving a genuine compliment from a loved one.

As for poppies, these flowering plants are perennials. This means that they will bloom for a certain period of time before becoming dormant and they will bloom again once the conditions are right. Unlike annuals, perennials bloom year after year. A plant may not live forever but it should last more than 2 years at least. Poppies are fairly modest flowers but their bold colours make them a definite attraction in any garden! The meanings associated with this flower include hope, peace, and beauty.

So, if one of your friends or loved ones are celebrating their birthday in August, keep these birth flower ideas in mind!