Wildflower arrangements for a spring wedding

If you are planning a spring wedding and you are still on the fence about your floral d├ęcor, why not opt for wildflower arrangements? Not only are these bouquets perfect for the season, but they will also allow you to make the most of a wider colour pallete. Here are a few points to keep in mind when choosing this style for your big day.

Colour choices

One of the most important points to keep in mind when choosing wildflower arrangements is the colour scheme of your bouquet. These arrangements usually include pastel shades as gentle colours best represent this transitional season. Some of the most popular colours include pink, purple, yellow and white. A good amount of greenery is also beneficial for creating this decorative theme.

Types of blooms

In terms of the best types of blooms for your wildflower arrangements, there are a number of excellent options. Some of the top choices include Lisianthus, daisies, Dragon Snaps, Veronic, Thlaspi and Eryngium. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot include a few roses if you like. They could make excellent focal flowers in such a bouquet. Of course, these flowers should be light in colour since you don’t want to create a drastic contrast between them and the rest of your blooms.


Apart from flowers and foliage, you can also underline the wildflower theme by including flower picks or wrap some raffia around the vase of each centrepiece. You can even add some raffia to hold the stems of the bridal bouquet together.

Remember, wildflower arrangements don’t need to be overly complicated or arranged with precision. In fact, they will look far more natural if your arrangements resemble a collection of freshly picked stems from a nearby field.