Superb sunflower gifts

Of all the flowers at your local florist, sunflowers are one of the easiest to recognise. When you need a gorgeous sunflower gift for somebody special, there are a number of options from which to choose.

Simple sunflower

Sunflowers are absolutely beautiful all on their own. When you arrange a selection of these stems perfectly in a vase, you need nothing more. You don’t need any mass flowers, fillers or even foliage. Sunflowers look perfectly lovely all on their own. You can arrange them in a clear glass vase and display them in any room. No matter where you decide to put your vase of sunflowers, they will always make a fantastic statement.

Sunflowers and more

If you like the idea of mixing it up, you will be happy to know that sunflowers look stunning when paired with many other types of flowers. Some of the most popular pairings include roses, germinis and chrysanthemums. If you want to create some colour contrast, you can even add some statice.

Inspired sunflower arrangements

Don’t forget about the amazing inspiration we can enjoy when taking note of some of the most inspirational artists. One of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings is titled ‘Sunflowers’ was painted in 1888 and is the perfect inspiration for a bright yellow sunflower bouquet.

Sunflowers make wonderful gifts for all occasions, all recipients and you can even order them for yourself. They are perfect for sprucing up your home for a special occasion or making your office that much more pleasant.