What kinds of flowers should you send to him?

Men enjoy being pampered just as much as women. They might not always say that they want to be pampered but, deep down, they love it! So, when his birthday, your anniversary, or any other occasion approaches, consider visiting your local florist and picking up some fresh blooms!

There is one difference between men and women when it comes to fresh flowers. While women enjoy just about any kind of design, they are more inclined towards pretty pinks and pastel coloured arrangements. There’s something about soft coloured flowers that make them perfect for any lady.

Men, on the other hand, tend to prefer sharper, more vibrant colours and flowers with more defintion. In other words, rather than a pink, puffy carnation, he might prefer an orchid or another tropical or exotic flower. Not only do these flowers have bright colours but they also have interesting shapes.

Foliage is also important and you want to take care when selecting any fillers. Baby’s breath might be a popular filler but it is not ideal for him. Instead, you could leave the filler out completely and add some bamboo as foliage instead. Linear arrangements with strong lines and bright colours are just what he needs to brighten his office or personal space at home.

The container or vase is also important and you should make sure that it suits the arrangement in terms of colour, size and shape. An oriental themed arrangement, for example, will usually require a black or earth coloured bowl with floral foam and the various elements can be held in place thanks to the foam. He might also enjoy some deep red roses and you can arrange this kind of bouquet in a simple clear, white, or black vase.