Avalanche roses and why you should choose these blooms

Of all the flowers at your local florist, the rose is most likely the most popular and easiest to identify. What some people may not know is the fact that there are many different types of roses. Each type has its own unique properties and appearance. Roses vary in size, scent and colour based on these types. Avalanche roses are one of the most popular choices today. If you are shopping for beautiful blooms, here’s what you need to know about these roses.

Flower size

One of the best things about avalanche roses is the fact that they open up into a large, full flower. While some other varieties will only partially open or they yield flowers that are smaller in diameter, the avalanche variety is always sure to impress any lucky recipient.


While white is the most common choice, avalanche roses are also available in various other colours. You will find different shades of yellow, pale peach and even pink varieties. So, while they are impressive in size, their colours are soft and gentle.

Long stems

The stems of these flowers are known to be particularly long. This makes avalanche roses especially well suited for use in tall arrangements. You don’t have to worry about them being overcrowded by the mass or filler flowers in the bouquet since they will automatically take centrestage. Only if paired with particularly larger blooms, like oriental lilies, will you notice that they give up a portion of the limelight.

Avalanche roses can be used in mixed flower arrangements or you can display them all on their own. No matter the occasion, you can be sure that these roses will help you send the right message. They make an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and even as sympathy flowers. No matter the reason behind your floral gift, make sure that you include a sincere and personal message in the card provided by your florist.