Containers can make your flower display formal or informal

Whenever planning a floral arrangement, there is one main question that you will need to ask yourself. Do you want to create a formal or informal flower display? Not only will the answer to this question help you choose the right flowers, but it will also help you select the perfect container. The style of flower arrangements is important since it will either enhance the theme or it will stick out like a sore thumb.

If you are invited to somebody’s birthday party and you know that it will be a formal affair, then you should start by considering the type of flowers they will enjoy. Consider what their home looks like and how you can enhance their home d├ęcor by presenting them with a formal bouquet. Crystal vases are the very picture of elegance but they can be expensive. A more affordable alternative would be a glass vase. You can find a number of lovely glass vases on the market today but, if you don’t have the time or you are not sure what to choose, you can have your florist arrange the bouquet in the vase for you.

As for wedding anniversaries, the 15th year of marriage is associated with the traditional gift of crystal. In this case, a crystal vase would prove both elegant and fitting. If you want to spoil your spouse on this occasion, why not set the table and create the perfect romantic setting by ordering red roses. Place these roses in a gorgeous crystal vase that your spouse can use over and over again!

For something a bit more old fashioned, you could opt for a Victorian themed vase. This means that you should look for a porcelain or ceramic vase with some kind of design painted on it. White vases with blue or pastel designs are particularly suited. Remember to use this vase to hold a mixed flower bouquet.

A clear glass vase is always a safe bet no matter the occasion and they can be used for informal and formal flower arrangements. Your florist should have glass vases in stock which means that all you need to do is place your flower order, select the vase and they will do the rest.

As for informal displays, you could opt for something like a watering can, a coffee mug, or mason jar. You could even have your florist wrap the bouquet if you are not sure what kind of vase or container to use. Some flower arrangements look particularly lovely when displayed in baskets. Floral foam can be used to keep each stem in place and hydrated.