Choosing flowers that leave a lasting impression

Shopping for children and teens is usually quite easy. You can get away with buying a fun or educational toy for smaller kids and fashionable clothing or costume jewellery for teens. However, shopping for adults is another story! For the most part as adults, if we want something, we will simply go out and buy it (if it’s within our budget of course). So, finding something that an adult friend will need or want can be extremely tricky. Finding a memorable gift is even more difficult!


This is when it can be a good idea to take a step back and avoid complex gift ideas that you can barely afford and you’re not even sure if the recipient will enjoy. Fresh flowers are an age-old favourite and this gift has stood the test of time. When you send flowers, you are sending a message that you care and the flowers you choose will help define that message further. For example, red flowers like roses send a romantic message while yellow roses send a message of friendship.


No bouquet of fresh blooms will last beyond a few weeks. No matter how well they are cared for, they will eventually perish. However, the memory of this bouquet need not die! You can help the recipient hold on to that memory by following a few simple guidelines. Firstly, if possible, send the recipient a bouquet of their favourite blooms. Alternatively, you can send them flowers in their favourite colour. This will show that you pay attention and you care enough to notice the smaller details that make them unique and special.


Another good idea is to invest in an attractive vase. This vase will hold the flowers you send and can be reused time and time again. Every time the recipient reuses the vase, they will remember where it came from and the gorgeous flowers it first held!


In addition to the vase, you can also add another keepsake like a cuddly bear. This bear can remain on display for years and, each time they see the bear, they will think of the day it arrived along with the perfect fresh flower delivery.


Don’t forget the value of heartfelt words! Whenever you receive a bouquet of blooms, the first thing you do is check the card. Not only do you want to see who sent them but you also want to read what they have to say. Generic messages are the bare minimum so, if you want your gift to have real meaning, you should take the time to write something special and original. Perhaps include a little private joke or expressions that you and the recipient often recite. Make it as personal as you can and, once the flowers perish, the card will remain for the recipient to read from time to time in the future.